Monday, 18 November 2013

ideas and risk assesment

I'm now deciding on different ways we can carry out changing the lamps, the ideas i have so far are for me and another electrician to hire some access equipment and fit them our self's.
we can pay an outside group to take care of it all that would include their own equipment, access and fitting.

i am going to write out a risk assessment for if i was going the job to help me in the decision of the method of carrying out the change.

Monday, 11 November 2013

received a quote for a retrofit LED lamp

i have now received a quote for one type of light we have in the car parks it is a retrofit led lamp, i am going to work out the total wattage it is currently and what it will be if we switch to these new lamps giving me a wattage saving. from this i will try and work out the cost saving and the cost of the lamps in total.

Monday, 4 November 2013

still waiting on suppliers

This week i have checked with the electrical suppliers and they are yet to arrange a date for the walk and talk around site. i have had a count up of the number and types of lights in the area we are wanting to replace for more energy efficient lights. i will pass these numbers and types onto the suppliers for quotes and hopefully different methods for the replacement.
I have been thinking about how it will be done, maybe the suppliers will get in their own contractors to carry out the work, depending on the cost of this, i may have to price up access equipment and other equipment to carry out this our self if its more cost effective.